Friday, January 20, 2017

What you need to know about the Molson Coors boycott

320 Molson Coors workers at the Carlingview Drive brewery in Toronto are on strike. The company is calling for significant concessions from workers in terms of wages, pensions and benefits to offset an apparent, and likely temporary, downturn in sales.

These concessions are unacceptable and part of the broader push to punish workers for the mistakes of management and to drive down wages, pensions and benefits whenever possible to maximize profits and CEO salaries.

Molson Coors workers have rejected the concessions and are on strike. They need our solidarity and support.

OPSEU and others have issued a call to boycott Molson Coors products during the strike. This is a boycott that we should absolutely embrace. Historically consumer boycotts have aided in pressuring corporations to back down in such circumstances before and it is one of the few tools available to people broadly to show solidarity with workers and take action.

But while you might think it is easy to identify and boycott Molson Coors products, their line is much bigger than the ones we would all immediately think of like Molson Canadian or Coors Light.

As a large, international corporation Molson Coors has a wide number of brand names under its umbrella that do not actually use the names Molson or Coors.

To aid in the cause of a successful boycott, here is a complete list of their products taken from their website. Please boycott them all until the strike has been resolved.

Signature Brews:




Blue Moon



Coors Banquet

Coors Light

Doom Bar



Keystone Light

Miller Genuine Draft

Miller High Life

Miller Lite

Molson Canadian

Molson Export



Rickard’s Red


Specialty Brews:


Astika Dark


Batch 19

Bergenbier Fresh Grapefruit

Bergenbier Fresh Lemon

Bergenbier Non-Alcoholic

Bergenbier Unfiltered

Black Horse

Black Ice


Borsodi Bivaly

Borsodi Fresh Apple

Borsodi Fresh Blackcurrant-Lime

Borsodi Fresh Elderflower

Borsodi Fresh Elderflower Zero

Borsodi Fresh Grapefruit

Borsodi Fresh Grapefruit Zero

Borsodi Fresh Lemon

Borsodi Fresh Lemon Zero

Borsodi Fresh Raspberry

Borsodi Póló

Borsodi Super Dry

Braník 11

Braník Lager

Braník Light



Carling Cherry Cider

Carling Cider

Carling Cider Lime & Mint

Carling Orchard Fruits Cider

Carling Zest Citrus

Carling Zest Red Berries

Chalky’s Bark

Chalky’s Bite

Cobra King

Cobra Zero

Colorado Native

Coors Non-Alcoholic

Crispin Original Cider

Crispin Pacific Pear Cider

Creemore Springs Kellerbier

Creemore Springs Lot 9

Creemore Springs Premium Lager

Creemore Springs urBock

Easy Tea Co. Hard Iced Tea

Extra Gold Lager

Franciscan Well Blarney Blonde

Franciscan Well Friar Weisse

Franciscan Well Rebel Lager

Franciscan Well Rebel Red

Franciscan Well Shandon Stout

Granville Island Brewing Cypress Honey Lager

Granville Island Brewing English Bay Ale

Granville Island Brewing Island Lager

Henry Weinhard's

Henry's Hard Soda

Herman Joseph's Private Reserve

Hop Valley

India Beer

Jelen Cool

Jelen Fresh Blackcurrant & Lime

Jelen Fresh Grapefruit

Jelen Fresh Lemon

Kamenitza Dark

Kamenitza Dark Cherry

Kamenitza Fresh Elderflower & Lemon

Kamenitza Fresh Grapefruit

Kamenitza Fresh Lemon

Kamenitza Non-Alcoholic

Keystone Ice

Keystone Lager

Keystone V9



Leinenkugel's Light

Leinenkugel's Shandy

Mad & Noisy Hops and Bolts

Mad Jack



Milwaukee's Best

Molson Canadian 67

Molson Canadian Cider

Molson Canadian Stone Fruit Cider

Molson Canadian Cold Shots

Molson Canadian Light

Molson Dry

Molson Exel

Molson Golden

Molson Ice

Molson Stock Ale

Molson XXX

Nikšićko Cool Grapefruit

Nikšićko Cool Lemon

Nikšićko Dark

Nikšićko Gold


Noroc Strong

Old Style Pilsner

Old Vienna


Ostravar Premium

Ostravar Unfiltered

Ožujsko Cool

Ožujsko Dark Cherry

Ožujsko Grapefruit

Ožujsko Lemon

Ožujsko Super Dry

Revolver Brewing

Saint Archer

Sharp’s Atlantic

Sharp’s Cornish Coaster

Sharp’s Cornish Pilsner

Sharp’s Orchard

Sharp’s Own

Sharp’s Special

Sharp’s Wolf Rock

Standard Lager

Staropramen 11

Staropramen Cool Cherry

Staropramen Cool Lemon

Staropramen Dark

Staropramen Déčko

Staropramen Granát

Staropramen Ležák

Staropramen Non-Alcoholic

Staropramen Sládkova Limonáda Apple

Staropramen Sládkova Limonáda

Staropramen Unfiltered


Third Shift Amber Lager




Worthington’s Creamflow

Worthington’s White Shield


Zumbida Mango

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