Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leftist Throwback Thursday: Public Power 2003...featuring a much younger me!

Back in 2003 a younger ( and much younger looking) incarnation of me ran provincially for the ONDP in Scarborough. This was my campaign bookmark. (As I side note I always suggest campaign bookmarks for any campaign as they are both very easy to drop into apartment slot style mailboxes and people keep them know...bookmarks!)

The ONDP under Howard Hampton. as you can see below (click on photos to enlarge), ran on a platform centred around higher wages, lower tuition, rent freezes, public education, utilities and health care, $10 a day child care and lowering transit fares. Relative to just a few short years later, not a bad social democratic platform.

The ONDP was, however, squeezed out by the Liberals as people sought to reject the Harris years and the Liberals, of course, have been in power ever since.

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