Sunday, October 2, 2016

Right Sector, Liberalism, Colin Kaepernick, Pamela Anderson & more -- August & September on The Left Chapter in review

August and September saw 33 posts published on The Left Chapter. Though that is the lowest number for any two month period, again the same period saw the highest number of hits for any two month period in our history!

Our top post for the month was one of the most widely read and shared in our history.

Thanks again to all our readers and contributors.

Without any further ado the top six posts from the two months, in terms of hits, are:

1)  What is far-right organization Right Sector doing marching in Toronto's Ukrainian Festival Parade?

Toronto's Ukrainian Festival is an annual celebration of Ukrainian culture and food that takes place on Bloor St. W. and that draws large crowds looking to enjoy some traditional song and dance, perogies and all the other things that get people out to festivals. The organizers say it is the world's largest such festival.

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2) Viral photo of North Dakota Pipeline Protest is 100% FAKE. Stop sharing it.

A photo is going viral on Facebook that purports to show the Standing Rock Pipeline protest in North Dakota.

It was posted by someone named Tyler Eldridge and is getting thousands of shares every few minutes, standing at near 200,000 shares at the time of this post.

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3) Obama, Trudeau & Clinton -- Feeling good about the lies of liberalism

Do you remember this moment?

That time when newly minted President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely nothing other than having won an election in the wake of the George Bush apparent catastrophe and for having given nice speeches about "hope", closing down Guantanamo and supposedly taking the US in a new direction that would be a departure from the death dealing of the past.

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4) It was not the American military that fought for democracy and justice. The people -- and people like Kaepernick -- did that.

No American soldier in decades has died for anyone's rights or for "democracy".


This is a total crock and an American fantasy.

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5) Is May about to repudiate member democracy and tank her own Green Party?

Something very troubling, it seems, is afoot in the Canadian Green Party.

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6) Pamela Anderson is not the porn 'hypocrite', so-called leftist and progressive porn supporters are

By now you have likely heard that Pamela Anderson -- so often derided as some kind of joke -- has taken a, supposedly, surprising and strong stand against pornography.

For this she has been attacked with the usual ridicule of the "freedom" wing of liberalism's useful idiots as some kind of "hypocrite".

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Although published originally in June, Canada Post's 'problems' are driven by the neo-liberal assault on public services was widely shared again when a lockout appeared to be imminent and would have been third on this list had it been from the period.

The top food post was Sugar For My Honey - An Exceptional Austrian/German Bistro-Cafe in South Etobicoke (in fact it was one of the most widely read food posts we have ever published).

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