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Judge Lenehan, Dr. Seuss, Berta Cáceres & more -- The Left Chapter Sunday Reading List February 26 - March 5

This week's list of articles, news items and opinion pieces that I see as must reads if you are looking for a roundup that should be of interest to The Left Chapter readers.

This list covers the week of February 27 - March 5. It is generally in order of the date of the article's release.

1) The Contemporary ‘Cult Of The ‘Sex-Worker’’

Heather Brunskell-Evans, The Huffington Post

In certain social circles praising sex-workers has become fashionable. How has prostitution - an out-dated, slavery-like industry - been made to look so modern?

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2) The Toronto Sun Fell For An Obvious Hoax About Paid Anti-Trump Protesters

Ishmael N. Daro, BuzzFeed

The Toronto Sun tabloid ran an article that falsely claimed people were being paid $3,500 to protest against Donald Trump, based on a year-old fake news story.

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3) Berta Cáceres court papers show murder suspects' links to US-trained elite troops

Nina Lakhani, The Guardian

Leaked court documents raise concerns that the murder of the Honduran environmentalist Berta Cáceres was an extrajudicial killing planned by military intelligence specialists linked to the country’s US–trained special forces, a Guardian investigation can reveal.

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4) Manning Centre hosts 'bonkers' panel claiming Quebec City mosque was actually helping terrorists

Press Progress

This is the Manning Centre's go-to "expert on terrorism"?

At this weekend's Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa, one of the right-wing think tank's "expert" panelists suggested a Quebec City mosque, attacked by a man who held far-right anti-immigration views last month, had links to terrorist entities – a claim that has never been alleged by police or other national security officials.

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5) Fucking Creep Wins Oscar

Joanna Rothkopf, Jezebel 

On Sunday evening, Casey Affleck, an alleged sexual predator, won the Academy Award for Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of a grief-stricken father in Manchester By The Sea.

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6) Dramas like Broadchurch have helped rape survivors speak out. But services need funds

Rowan Miller, The Guardian

TV series and high-profile sexual abuse stories have raised demand for our rape crisis service by 284%. But long waiting lists mean many drop out without help.

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Gabriel Rockhill, Philosophical Salon

It is often presumed that intellectuals have little or no political power. Perched in a privileged ivory tower, disconnected from the real world, embroiled in meaningless academic debates over specialized minutia, or floating in the abstruse clouds of high-minded theory, intellectuals are frequently portrayed as not only cut off from political reality but as incapable of having any meaningful impact on it. The Central Intelligence Agency thinks otherwise.

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8) 'Clearly a drunk can consent,' Halifax judge says in acquitting taxi driver charged with sexual assault

Haley Ryan, Metro News

A Halifax taxi driver found with an intoxicated, unconscious, mostly naked woman in his cab and her DNA on his mouth has been acquitted of sexual assault by a judge who said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the woman’s “lack of consent.”

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9) Halifax Sex Assault Victim Couldn't Give Consent. A Judge Gave It For Her

Glen Canning, The Huffington Post

Nova Scotia Provincial Judge Gregory Lenehan could likely have been the judge had my daughter Rehtaeh Parsons' case gone to court as a sexual assault trial while she was alive. Watching what unfolded in a Halifax courtroom this week is how that trial would have ended.

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10) Petition: Formal Inquiry into Justice Gregory Lenehan

Justice Gregory Lenehan recently acquitted a Halifax taxi driver, Bassam Al-Rawi (Bassam Abdullatif) of sexual assault.  Bassam was caught by police assaulting a passenger who was passed out drunk in his taxi.  The passenger's DNA was found on Bassam's mouth.  This was not enough evidence to charge Bassam in Gregory Lenehan's opinion.

Sign the petition.

11) Men Going Their Own Way are treading a well-worn path to alt-right racist extremism

David Futrelle, We Hunted the Mammoth

Last month, Reddit admins shut down three subreddits catering to the internet Nazi phenomenon known as the alt right. Not because these subreddits were filled with vile bigotry and hate speech — though they were of course filled with that — but because Reddit’s alt-righties had repeatedly violated the site’s rules against doxxing, according to Reddit’s statement announcing the ban.

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12) Castro’s daughter favors bold legislative weapon to combat prostitution — punish the client

Abel Fernandez, The Miami Herald

The daughter of Cuba's most powerful man is publicly discussing a bold proposal to combat prostitution: penalize the clients who pay for sexual services.
“We have to act. We can’t simply say that we are against sexual exploitation as a form of sexual work. We cannot say that we want to protect our children and adolescents from sexual exploitation. It's not just wanting it, but breaking our heads to find a way to do it,” Mariela Castro said recently on the nationally televised Cuban program Mesa Redonda, which discussed the International Symposium on Gender Violence, Prostitution, Sexual Tourism and Human Trafficking held earlier this year in Havana.

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13) In Last Monologue, Israeli Comedy Show Host Implores Israelis to Wake Up and Smell the Apartheid


Assaf Harel's scathing indictment of Israeli society has gone viral.

Read the article and watch the video.


Angry Asian Man Blog

Meet Rockett and Zoe, the wokest kids in class. Their elementary school is currently celebrating "Dr. Seuss Week" as a part of National Read Across America Day, which coincides with the popular children's book author's birthday on March 2. But, as many may be unaware, Dr. Seuss was kind of racist. So these super-conscious siblings decided to help their classmates get more aware.

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15) The Racist History of Dr. Seuss & What it Means in Today’s Social, Political & Educational Context

The Real African

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the National Education Association’s (NEA) “Read Across America” Day  — an event observed every year on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. It is the largest celebration of reading in America, with over 45 million students, parents, teachers, libraries and community centers participating. Dr. Seuss books and activities are central to the annual celebration — schools have Dr. Seuss-themed festivals, eat “green eggs and ham”, and get dressed up as their “favorite Dr. Seuss character”. The NEA sells Dr. Seuss merchandise through their website, and kids across America will be seen wearing the red and white striped hats from the book, The Cat in the Hat.

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16) MPs take 13 minutes to decide to double the Royal Family's income

Tom Peck, The Independent

A tiny, temporary committee of MPs set up explicitly to consider doubling the publicly funded income of the Royal Family took thirteen minutes to decide that, yes, the Royal Family should indeed have its income doubled.

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17) This Time, Trump's Tweets Might Blow Up in His Face

Chemi Shalev, Haaretz

By accusing Obama of wiretapping his HQ, the president has made the strongest case yet for an independent investigation of his links to the Kremlin.

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