Wednesday, April 8, 2015

10 Vintage Toronto Postcard Streetscapes (and one bonus one of Port Credit!)

I am very fond of both vintage postcards and streetscape photography generally so I was thrilled to stumble upon a collection of Toronto postcards in a South Etobicoke antique store (called Treasure Hunt and located just east of Islington and Lake Shore) that were both.

Here are ten of these cards as well as a bonus one of Port Credit. They all come from between the late 1950's and the late 1970's.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Yonge St. at night
(from the back of the card "Said to be one of the longest streets in the world. This area of Toronto is called "The Strip" and has a myriad of lights, nightclubs, movies, discotheques and even burlesque shows." It also describes Toronto as Canada's "second largest city" still!)

The Lord Simcoe Hotel
(University Avenue at King St.)

Ontario Science Centre
(note the lack of background buildings!)

Skyline from Ontario Place 
(no condos!)

The King Edward Hotel


Yorkdale Shopping Centre

The Ford Hotel

O'Keefe Centre for the Performing Arts
(again, note the lack of any high-rise buildings in the background!)

 Downtown Toronto
(Note the horrible Exhibition Place stadium at bottom left!)

Port Credit - Marina Area
(You know what is missing in the background here? Mississauga!!!)

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  1. The blue-sailed boats in the Port Credit photo were the sailing school boats of the time, "Enterprises". I could have been in one of them in that shot.