Thursday, April 9, 2015

AFL-CIO SIU CLC Union Ship-in-a-bottle! Leftist Throwback Thursday

While very few people would know this about me, including good friends,  I am a huge fan of naval art, memorabilia and history. Likely no naval "swag" has greater appeal then those tremendous labours of love, the amateur ship-in-a-bottle.

One day while combing through a Goodwill outlet I chanced upon not only a wonderful ship-in-a-bottle, but one with a labour union pedigree! A ship-in-a-bottle done by someone who was a member of the Seafarers International Union, which is an umbrella union for several smaller labor groups of mariners.

They were clearly a Canadian member as well, as the label on the bottle has not only the AFL-CIO on it, but the CLC as well.

It is an amazing piece of folk art.

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