Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Meat & Potato Cuisine I Love with Steak Magnifico, Pot Roast & more! Vintage Cookbook TBT

Steak Magnifico! The name says it all!
Vintage Cookbook: The Meat & Potato Cuisine I Love, Jules J. Bond

Publication Details: Leon Amiel Publishing, 1978

This great little cookbook exemplifies a style that was common in the 1970's with its often over-the-top recipes and its photos that are so of the era -- colourful and very staged with cutlery, red wine at the ready, etc., almost as a "still life".

It has some truly excellent and timeless "meat-and-potato" recipes, like Steak Tartare, ham steak and chop recipes, pot pies and hashes and many more. If you are a fan of cooking meat, this one is worth seeking out.

Today we share four excellent recipes  (Steak Magnifico...the name really says it all!)...but stay-tuned as we will be preparing the incredible "Grilled Dill Steak" from the book in a future post! 

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