Monday, April 6, 2015

Victoria 2's Communist Flags

The Communist flags of Canada, Quebec, the Metis Confederacy
& Newfoundland 
Submitted by Nathaniel Laxer

Victoria 2 is a grand strategy game created by Paradox Interactive where players can take the reigns of a nation or territory in the Victorian era and try to lead it to greatness or wherever the player's goals lie.

One interesting aspect to the game is its political and demographic simulations that portray  the rise of ideology, including socialism, liberalism, communism and fascism.

What is notable is that every single possible nation represented in the game has five dynamic flags that can change due to ideology.

Here we look at some of the more interesting flags for communist or worker's republics or nations, including all of the communist flags for any possible political formation within what we call Canada!

Nathaniel Laxer is a 13 year old gamer who lives in Toronto. 

Note the cool Manhattan Commune flag from the book The Difference Engine!

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  1. It appears you have mistaken the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth flag for the Holstein one.