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March: Mulcair, Tory, Bill C-51 & more - The month on The Left Chapter in review

From "42-2: John Tory, Toronto City Council and the austerity consensus"
March was a busy month with 34 posts of various kinds on The Left Chapter.

Here are the top five posts, in terms of hits, for the month of March:

Top Posts

1) 42-2: John Tory, Toronto City Council and the austerity consensus:

"Remember how, during last year's municipal election in Toronto, supporters of Olivia Chow and progressive activists and organizations warned that John Tory, were he to be elected as Mayor of Toronto, would simply be a more effective version of Rob Ford?"

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2) Keep the progressive announcements coming, Tom: An open letter to the Leader of the NDP (by Simon Dougherty) 

"Dear Tom,

It’s been great to hear you’ll pull Canadian troops from Iraq if elected. Also, having a Prime Minister who’ll take from the rich and give to the poor will be a great relief to Canadians struggling with record levels of inequality."

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3) Rabble's Karl Nerenberg is wrong: Repealing and amending Bill C-51 are not at all the same thing

"Writing on Karl Nerenberg makes an unconvincing case, in response to a piece I had written, that NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and his party's stance that states that they will "amend" or "change" Bill C-51 is basically the same as Elizabeth May's stance that she will "repeal" it."

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4) Harper, Mulcair, May & Trudeau: They all support the "Tribute to Liberty"

"Lately we have been hearing some loud "protest" from New Democrat,  Liberal and Green partisans and hacks sharing articles and statements online critical of and denouncing the hideous and absurd memorial for the "victims of communism" the Harper government has planned for Ottawa.

There is a large irony to this."

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5) Is NDP MP Randall Garrison right that Tom Mulcair will repeal Bill C-51?

"As many are aware, there has been something of a controversy on the left as to whether or not the NDP is committed to fundamentally scrapping Bill C-51 as opposed to, as the Trudeau Liberals are, seeking to "improve" or change it through amendments."

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As none of the food or Leftist Throwback Thursday blogs made the top five (though these two came very close), we also include links to the top two of those:

Egg and Cheese Oven Bake with Vegetables or Meat (or both!)

Laxer, Lewis and Watkins sitting in a tree!: Leftist Throwback Thursday

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