Saturday, May 7, 2016

31 Vancouver Vintage Black-and-White Streetscapes 1880-1960

Welcoming the first CPR transcontinental at what is now the end of Howe St. 
To date on The Left Chapter we have looked at some vintage streetscapes of Toronto and area (multiple times!) and of Soviet Moscow in the 1950's.

Today we are going to feature some amazing vintage black and white streetscape photographs of Vancouver for our friends in British Columbia.

These are all taken from 1961's Vancouver from Milltown to Metropolis by Alan Morley. The book is a solid, old-school style local history that suffers somewhat from its civic boosterism and lack of a critical lens (typical of books of the type in the era).

It is full of interesting facts, anecdotes and stories though, as well as many terrific black-and-white photos. As usual, we are interested in the streetscape shots and they are terrific, ranging from the 1880's to 1960.

Watch for an upcoming post of a vintage postcard folder of Stanley Park in the 1940's.

(Click on images to enlarge)

The Beach at Granville, looking across to North Vancouver 1885

The town from Sunnyside Float - What Granville looked like in the area at the foot of what is now Carrall, Abbott and Cambie Streets, 1884

Looking south on Carrall St. at its intersection with Water St., 1886

Water St. Gastown, c. 1880

Hastings Mill, 1896

Vancouver's second church, St. James Anglican on Burrard Inlet, 1886

The causeway to Stanley Park, 1889

Building the first Hotel Vancouver, 1886

Water St. and Cordova, 1901

Cordova St., 1898

Hastings St & Seymour, 1888

Granville St., then known as the North Arm Road, at what is now 37th Ave., 1895

Open air streetcar at the corner of Granville & Dunsmuir, 1896

The Hollow Tree of Stanley Park c. 1895

Stanley Park and Burrard Inlet, 1960

The city as viewed from the west with the University of Vancouver in the foreground, 1960

From Fraser St. to the Inlet, 1960

Burnaby and Central Park, 1960

City Hall, 1960

Brockton Point, Stanley Park, 1960

Looking west over the harbor, 1960

At the Second Narrows of Burrard Inlet, 1960

Heart of the downtown district, 1960

The Causeway and Coal Harbor, 1960

Vancouver at night, 1960


International Airport Sea Island, 1960

Vancouver General Hospital, 1960

Entrance to the Pacific National Exhibition, 1960

The Queen Elizabeth, 1960

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