Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lemon Baked Basa Fillets

Previously on the blog we took a look at how to pan-fry the delightfully mild yet flavorful and versatile Asian catfish Basa. Basa has seen increasing popularity and availability of late thanks in part to the fact that it is remarkably affordable.

Today we are going to revisit basa, only this time we will be baking it.

Basa lends itself to a number of different seasoning blends or baking methods, but today ours will be tart and lemony, as well as slightly spicy. This recipe is for fresh boneless and skinless fillets.

The first step is to lay out your basa fillets on a aluminum foil lined shallow baking pan. Brush each evenly with around a teaspoon of olive oil.

Then sprinkle over the fish paprika, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Finally season with salt. I like to season rather liberally with all of these seasonings, but you can adjust each according to your whims and tastes.

After you have seasoned them, squirt over each fillet the juice of one half lemon. If you have smaller pieces than those pictured, you may want to use slightly less.

Place the fish in an oven preheated to 425 and cook for 12-15 minutes depending on thickness and taste. As with all fish, avoid overcooking to avoid a dry plate of fish!

I like to serve these with extra lemon wedges, rice and a chilled white wine.

Watch for a future return to basa with both an Asian inspired sauce and a breaded option soon to be on the menu!


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