Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Little Octobrists of the USSR in Posters and Art

The Little Octobrists -- often shortened to simply Octobrists in leaflets and on posters -- was a Soviet youth organization for both boys and girls ages 7 to 9. After the age of 9 the children would "graduate" into the Pioneer youth organizations that provided educational, recreational and camp opportunities for millions of kids in the USSR free of charge. The Pioneers were tragically dismantled after the fall of socialism. The Little Octobrist organizations were dissolved at the same time. (To read more about this see: “The End of History” and the Post-Soviet Tragedy )

Like the Pioneers the Octobrists also did community work in addition to fitness and learning. Part of the club's uniform was a pin with a portrait of Lenin as a child.

These are a sampling of Little Octobrist posters from the post-war period.

Octobrists - Friends Read and Paint, Sing and Have Fun

 Octobrists - Diligent Pals Love School and Respect Elders

I Want to Grow Up to Be a Hero

Octobrists - Future Pioneers

You Have to Be a True Friend to Share Happiness

Only Those Who Love Work Are Called Octobrists

Octobrists - Truthful and Brave, Dexterous and Skillful

We Are Named Octobrists in Honour of the Victory of October!

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