Sunday, June 5, 2016

BBQed Rainbow Trout with Herbs-de-Provence & Garlic Butter

Fresh Rainbow Trout is one of the most delicious fish to BBQ -- especially over charcoal for that delightful smokiness that you get.

Today we are going to do the trout with Herbs-de-Provence and garlic butter, which are perfect for this type of fish.

To make these you need to get trout fillets with the skin on one side. Skinless will not work in this case.

First, season your fillets liberally with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Then season as well with Herbs-de-Provence. In the middle of each fillet place a square slice of garlic butter. Garlic butter can be bought at most larger groceries.

Prepare your BBQ, as we have outlined previously, until the charcoal is very hot. Then lie the trout skin side down on the grill.

The great thing about this technique is that you will not need to flip the fish. Once you have placed the fish you want to cook it 12-15 minutes until done to your liking. You cook it (and lightly smoke it) by doing it about 3 minutes top off (or until it starts to flame up), 2 minutes top on (with the flue fully open), 3 minutes top off, 2 minutes top on, etc...until the fish is done. The butter will also melt into the fish on its own, especially when the top is down.

When the fish is done you lift the fish off with a spatula, carefully trying to keep it intact. If some or all of the now burnt skin stays on the grill, that is fine. Most people do not enjoy the burnt skin, though I have found that some folks are actually fans of it!

The trout will be a little smokey, buttery and with a hint of garlic in with the flavours of the seasonings.

This goes well with rice and an ice cold Vinho Verde.


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