Saturday, November 25, 2017

Paratha Roti w. Goat and Potatoes at Ali's West Indian Roti Shop

We on The Left Chapter have visited Parkdale's excellent Ali's West Indian Roti Shop before both at its year round location as well as its booth at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Today we are returning to take a look at my new favourite thing on their menu (new as my favourite...not to their menu!) which is to order one of their Paratha roti dishes and ask for the roti on the side as opposed to wrapped.

When you do this you get whatever meat or shrimp option in its gravy accompanied by a large amount of the exceptionally soft and delicious roti which you can then use to dip into and enjoy the main.

While I love Ali's rotis and their rice and pea mains, I just can't get enough of this option at the moment. Especially when accompanied by their fiery and fantastic house hot sauce that they will give to you in little containers on the side to stir in and kick it all up a notch to paraphrase what Emeril used to say.

Here I had the goat option. The goat, as always, was very tender, comes with potato and the portion sizes are very generous. This all cost $12.95.

The other options are the shrimp, chicken, beef or the duck, which is really worth giving a try. There are also vegetarian options.

While there you can see what jars of their hot sauces they have for sale. Last time I went they had a citrus flavoured one I had never tried before with pieces of lemon, lime and peppers in it. It was a good one. These hot sauces never disappoint and can be had for $7-$10 a jar.

Ali's West Indian Roti is located at 1446 Queen Street W. (416) 532-7701. It on the 501 streetcar line. It is open 11 am - 10 pm seven days a week. You can visit their website for more information.  

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