Saturday, June 30, 2018

10 Best Songs of 2018...So far

2018 is halfway done...and the time is at hand for a roundup of the best songs of the far!

Here are my picks for the Top Ten.

This has been a strong year for what used to be called singles and it was hard to choose. There were a lot of close runner-ups...but lists are arbitrary, so here are my choices:.

From the brilliant, instant classic album Dirty Computer...Janelle Monae could have had 3 or 4 songs on this list, but this starts our list and will not be her last appearance:

#10 - Janelle Monáe – Django Jane

Another straight up great album, this song stands out lyrically and emotionally.

Also the "You can have your space...cowboy" lyric with the pregnant pause is brilliant.

p.s....the guy is clearly a schmuck.

#9: Kacey Musgraves - Space Cowboy

Great vocals, a great throwback vibe, a great song.

#8 Lake Street Dive - Good Kisser

Such a lovely song:

#7: Ray LaMontagne - Such A Simple Thing

Marvelously produced, terrifically self-indulgent, it benefits greatly from a Rivers Cuomo intervention.

#6: AJR - Sober Up (feat. Rivers Cuomo)

"I hate it when dudes try to chase me
But I love it when you try to save me
'Cause I'm just a lady
I love it when we play 1950
It's so cold that your stare's 'bout to kill me
I'm surprised when you kiss me"

A moving and striking lesbian love song.

#5 King Princess - 1950

Dream like, hypnotic, nostalgic, a little piece of anxious genius.

#4: Japanese Breakfast - Boyish

Disturbing, intense, irreverent, angry, comic...a song for our time.

#3 Childish Gambino - This Is America

I can listen to this song three times daily and five times on Sunday!

Just wonderful. Romantic, soaring vocals, touching, heartfelt.

About as good a love song as you will ever hear.

#2 Leon Bridges - Beyond

It is pretty hard to imagine a greater stand alone song this year. With Prince influences, clever lyrical twists, amazing hooks...Monáe strikes in ways both new and familiar.


#1 Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel

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