Friday, June 22, 2018

Sunday Dress

Saturday night with you in your Sunday dress
country songs on the radio pickup windows down
summer on the way to fall Labour Day closing in
forget the past Cheryl though the past simply lingers
a mistake no one can change

I woke one morning to find everything gone
no job no future no life
shipped away for some bottom line I will never see
late night sweats with bills due and the car already repossessed
walking out the back door on to the porch yard I love
will we still have it next year

Loud voices down by the park
smoking on the sidewalk
what is the truck down on Main
is that the truck shipping them away
Cheryl thinks it gets better with a little whiskey
a little beer

The old days are just nostalgia once they are gone
you know they never come back, right
if there is one certainty now it is that everything gets worse
that's not true you insist but I know you are wrong
I want you to be right, but I know

Sun comes up over the Hanson and you are still in the Sunday dress
it is Monday though
I drove a long way to see you I say and you laugh
what was that, just down the street
smiling I take your hand


Forget me not
forget me not Cheryl
now that the boom times are memories
when all we have left is each other
they have broken many things
will they break us too

Flag flying over the fallen factory
no one there anymore
I never thought I would leave
instead it left me

Sunrise and severance
Cheryl let's go for breakfast
let's go out to the line
let's live
and let's remember

Let's remember it all

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