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Toronto Misogynist Terror Attack, Gaza, Doug Ford & more -- April and May on The Left Chapter in review

April and May saw 54 posts of various kinds on The Left Chapter. These included the launch of our weekly Ontario election round-up the most recent installment of which was Bogus versus real 'scandals', the difficult road to an NDP majority and other news -- The Left Chapter Ontario Provincial Election Roundup Week Three.

Several posts came very close to making the number six spot on our top six list (in terms of hits) including Vote NDP to stop Ford...but don't try to sell it as supporting a leftist agendaCommunist Party launches Ontario provincial election campaign in Toronto -- "Ignite the movement for Socialism" and The staggering hypocrisy of 'progressive' politicians in Canada will come back to haunt. 

Meanwhile many of our vintage posts were among our most successful to date including Visit the USSR - A look at the Soviet Union in the late 1960s from Intourist (w. photos) and The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic 1982 - History, Art & Development w. Photos & Illustrations.

Thanks very much to all our readers and contributors.

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Without any further ado, here are the top six posts, in terms of hits, from April and May.

1) We all could have seen Minassian's misogynist attack coming if we had wanted to look

Horrified. Disgusted. Angry. Those words and many others can accurately describe how myself and so many others feel about the terrible, senseless attack in Toronto that claimed the lives of 10 innocent people and seriously injured 14 others.

But what I am not is surprised.

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2) The grotesque absurdity of left-liberal support for porn and prostitution needs to be questioned after Minassian's misogynist attack

It is important and long overdue to see people and the mainstream media talking about how objectification and the sense of entitlement by so many men to women's bodies and to "sex" (it is really rape they are interested in) leads to exceptionally dangerous outcomes.

But it amazes me that so many remain unwilling to draw the obvious and direct line of this type of misogynist thinking by men to the racist, colonialist, misogynist and degrading institutions of pornography and prostitution in which countless women and girls (as well as some boys and men) are brutalized in horrific ways daily by men around the world.

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3) Conservatives send grotesque fundraising email out in wake of Gaza massacres

"As mass killings horrify the world, Netanyahu’s circle dwindles" is the headline of a Doug Saunders article in The Globe and Mail...but that circle certainly still seems to include the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

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4) Doug Ford wants you to subsidize the poverty wages of corporations

While many leftists would absolutely agree that minimum wage workers should not be paying income tax -- taxes instead should be steeply raised on people like Doug Ford -- this can never be seen as a fair alternative to demanding that businesses pay higher minimum wages.

Because it is not one!

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5) Over 2,200 activists sign letter to Trudeau opposing the repeal of PCEPA

Over 2,200 "advocates, women’s rights and anti-trafficking organizations, sex trade

survivors, survivor-led networks, and concerned individuals from around the world dedicated to protecting the human rights of women and girls" have signed an Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding that his government reject calls to repeal the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA).

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6) For Ford fact and policy free is the way to go

Scratch the surface at all and we know that a Ford government in Ontario will bring massive cutbacks, austerity, the rollback of newly won rights for workers and a deep hostility to any attempts to redress historic and systemic injustices or oppression.

For this very reason we can expect that Ford and the Conservatives will do their very best to see that the surface remains unscratched.

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Our top food related post of the period was: Trini Gardens Brings Excellent West Indian - Chinese Fusion to South Etobicoke

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