Friday, July 13, 2018

Revolutionary Cuba 1975: Sixteen Years of Socialist Construction Part II -- Photographs and History

Today is the second of three parts looking at a remarkable English language book published in Havana in 1975 that celebrated 16 years of Communist rule. The first part was: Revolutionary Cuba 1975: Sixteen Years of Socialist Construction Part I -- Photographs and Chronology

With 140 photographs of industry, education, rallies, farms, the military and construction, among other things, Cubans of all walks of life are shown. These photos are accompanied by text that chronicles and describes the history of the revolution and its accomplishments to that point.

These accomplishments are all the more impressive given the American embargo of the island.

In this second part are 46 photos looking at aspects of socialist construction from fishing fleets, to road building and housing. There are also views of various spots around Havana and some heartwarming photos of children.

Included also is the second part of the text which has sections that give an historical synopsis of the revolutionary government, a look at the party and the UJC and EJT, as well as overviews of agricultural development, industry, housing, communications and transport and fishing.

(click on images to enlarge)

Crocodile Farm at Cienaga de Zapata, Matanzas

The Gaviota Training Ship of the Naval Academy in Mariel

Cargo Vessel

Merchant Vessel

Students of the Naval Academy in Mariel

Ships of the Fishing Fleet

Floating Dock in the Havana Harbor

Uploading of Cargo

Equipment in a Fishing Harbor

The Victoria de Giron from the Merchant Fleet

Fishing Boat Shipyard in Cardenas

Lenin Park

The Laguna del Tesoro Tourist Center

Oasis Hotel in Varadero

Beach in Varadero

Monument to General Maximo Gomez in Havana

A View of Havana


Monument to Jose Marti in Revolution Square

Everyday Life

Members of a Mini-Brigade


New Alamar

Stadium in the Sports Village

Houses Built by the Mini-Brigades

The National Scientific Research Center

New Homes for the People

Moments of Leisure in the New Home

The New Generation

Bridge in Bacunayagua

Construction of Modern Highways

Mountain Road in Oriente

New Telephone Exchange in Isla de Pinos

Ground Station for Satellite Communications in Jaruco

The Ben Tre Village in Niua Bonita

State Psychiatric Hospital

Obstetrics and Gynecology Institute in Havana

National Institute for Cardio-Vascular Medicine - Intensive Care Unit

Operating Theatre

Happy Childhood

The Grandes Alamedas Nursery School

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