Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Cuban Cocktail Recipe Book w. Cuba Libres, Mojitos, Rebel Daiquiris & more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: My Cuban Cocktail Recipe Book, Ramon Pedreira Rodriguez

Publication Details: Editorial Arte Y Literatura, Cuba, 1997

Today's installment of our occasional feature looks at a very fun and summery little recipe book from Cuba where the recipes are all for Cuban rum cocktails. It also, of course, promotes Cuba's iconic brand, Havana Club, which was nationalized by the revolutionary government in 1960.

The book begins with brief histories of rum, the origins of cocktails and a few other prefaces. We have included the section on "How to mix Cuban cocktails".

After a mid-section of photographs there are then 41 pages of cocktail recipes! We have included the recipes for all of the cocktails the book has photos for. These are some of the most famous Cuban cocktails including the Cuba Libre and the Mojito.

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