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Revolutionary Cuba 1975: Sixteen Years of Socialist Construction Part I -- Photographs and Chronology

Fidel Castro Speaks
This is the first of three parts looking at a remarkable English language book published in Havana in 1975 that celebrated 16 years of Communist rule. With 140 photographs of industry, education, rallies, farms, the military and construction, among other things, Cubans of all walks of life are shown. These photos are accompanied by text that chronicles and describes the history of the revolution and its accomplishments to that point.

These accomplishments are all the more impressive given the American embargo of the island.

This first part has 45 photos that range from May Day in Havana to cigar making to crab processing. Included also is the first part of the text which is a "chronology of the most important events" of these years. Among these are the start of the literacy campaign, the national vaccination campaign, the inauguration of worker's dining rooms, Cuba's hosting of the XIXth World Amateur Baseball Championship in 1971, and much more.

(Part two is now up at this link: Revolutionary Cuba 1975: Sixteen Years of Socialist Construction Part II -- Photographs and History)

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Fidel Castro

May Day, Havana

Young Pioneers Visit the Granma

Youth in the Countryside

Mechanized Sugar Cane Harvesting

Automated Sugar Bag filler

Control Panel in the Camilo Cienfuegos Sugar Factory

Rice Silos in Pinar del Rio

Development of cattle-breeding

Tobacco Plantation

Tobacco Leaf

Students Working in the Fields

Cigar Making

Poultry Farm in Ariguanabo

Orange Harvest

Citrus Fruit Sorting and Packing Room

Children Taught to Like Work

Would-be Metal Workers

The INPUD Factory in Santa Clara

Fertilizer Works in Cienfuegos, Las Villas 

Cement Works in Nuevitas, Camaguey

Fertilizer Plant

Nickel Ore Mining

The Antillana Steel Works

Dairy Compound in Havana Province

Cheese Making

 The Socialist Vanguard Steel Foundry and Forge

Young Scientists in the National Scientific Research Centre 

The Albert Kunt Pastry Works

Marble Quarry in Isla de Pinos

Secondary School Students

Fishing Boat

The Catch

A Fisherman

Fishing Cooperative in Cardenas


Crab Processing

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