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The Colman's Mustard Cookbook w. Tequila Prawns, Scotch Eggs, Spiced Rarebit, Piccalilli & more - Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: The Colman's Mustard Cookbook, Paul Hartley

Publication Details: Originally published in the UK in 2004, this Canadian edition from Whitecap Books, 2005

The Colman's Mustard Cookbook is a really fun book that, unsurprisingly, is dedicated to recipes that use either hot mustard or dry mustard powder. The publishers obviously hope you will use Colman's -- which is an excellent brand -- though, of course, other brands like Keen's can be substituted.

I think hot mustard, and especially mustard powder, is an often underrated cooking ingredient and I like to add mustard powder to many recipes for a bit of kick and extra flavour. Sprinkling a good dry mustard powder like Colman's atop a standing-rib roast along with the usual salt and black pepper, for example, is an excellent addition that few use.

Unlike some of the vintage cookbooks we feature which can often be quite campy, almost all the recipes in this book are ones I would like to try and many of them I have. The recipe for "Spaghetti Royale" that is included in this post is something of a minor family favourite. It is very easy to make and rather tasty, though I add shrimp to the toss and double the amount of mustard powder.

Others here are variations of or takes on English classics as well as different varieties of fish, meat and vegetable dishes. I am going to post my take on a Roast Rib of Beef recipe from the book in the near future.

The book also contains lots of old Colman's advertising, odd little facts about mustard or the UK and a Colman's timeline at the end.

One of the better brand based cookbooks I have come across.

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I like to add cooked shrimp to the Spaghetti Royale recipe.
I also double the amount of mustard powder used.

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