Friday, August 3, 2018

Front Porch Friday Nights

Front porch Friday nights
stiflingly hot waves shimmering off the street
drinking what seem like stale beers even when just opened
Karla laughs I want a trip she says
we ain't going nowhere though are we

She grew to hate me
all those lonely days spent thinking about why we could not turn back time
I don't know
not possible yet

In the car top down twisted looking over the edge
Jim takes us out to his dad's house
VHS movies with Errol Flynn
Oshawa was only an hour away
Samantha in the back seat arms up celebrating

Summer is so short

Sandy I need to be but we are trapped here right?
or maybe  you are trapped with me
or maybe there is no way out for either of us

Woke up one day found I was not happy with the man I was
wiping cigarette ash off my chest
wondering why I could never just size up

So what is it Samantha?
is this how we dissolve
rum and cokes watching a backyard rodeo
that is your kids and mine

Bring them over and bring us all together
I wanted to check out a long time ago
But the soft suicide sell of perpetual dusk keeps us in

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