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Chrystia Freeland, the NDP Leadership Race & more -- February and March on The Left Chapter in review

February and March saw 45 posts published on The Left Chapter. In terms of hits this period saw the highest number, again, for any two month period in our history. This is the fifth consecutive two month period to set a record!

Thanks very much to all our readers and contributors.

Many of the posts related to the NDP's leadership race either made this list or came very, very close. The Left Chapter is actively seeking different perspectives on the race including from supporters of the various candidates. If you are interested, see the end of this post for details on submitting a piece.

Without any further ado the top six posts from the two months, in terms of hits, are:

1) Liberal Minister Chrystia Freeland should resign for celebrating her grandfather's Nazi past

The sins of the mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, should never be held against the child...unless they then appear to lie about and celebrate those sins.

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2) Niki Ashton is the leader the NDP and Canada needs

Guest Editorial by Robert McCarthy

My name is Robert McCarthy from Sudbury, Ontario and I am supporting Niki Ashton to become the next leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Like myself, Niki is a proud Democratic Socialist. She is the candidate that I most identify with. Her vision includes free tuition and student debt forgiveness, opposing pipelines where they infringe on Indigenous rights and endanger the environment, and the expansion of public healthcare to include dental care, pharmacare and access to mental health services for all Canadians. These policies are perfectly in line with what I believe.

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3) We don't need a populist left, post-identity politics left or 'alt left' to fight the rise of the far right, we just need a left

Have you heard the news?

The "left" is "out of touch" with the pulse of what is going on in the United States and North America more broadly because insert left academic or commentator/insert left publication says this must be true due to Trump's victory in the US Presidential race.

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4) Sid Ryan hits all the right leftist notes in a powerful video that leaves us asking why he is not running

Sid Ryan, the seemingly divisive former leader of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), has been flirting with the idea of running for the leadership of the NDP for a few months now.

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5) University of Calgary Conservatives plan to mark International Women's Day with a men's rights movie

The University of Calgary Conservative Party club has decided to team up with the campus Wildrose Party club to honour International Women's screening a movie praising the noxious anti-feminist Men's Rights extremist movement.


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6) The backlash against Niki Ashton from anti-Black Lives Matter commentators is what is really off base

Are people really attacking Niki Ashton for taking down a meme due to an objection from Black Lives Matter Vancouver? Apparently, in yet another example of misplaced and wasted outrage serving a right-wing narrative about the chimera of "political correctness", they are!

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The top food related post for the period was Homestyle Pork Chops in Onion Gravy

Over the coming weeks The Left Chapter is interested in getting different perspectives on the NDP leadership race including from those both inside and outside of the party, from partisans of various candidates (perhaps explaining why), from critics of the race or those who think supporting any of them is perhaps a mistake, from those who would like to see a candidate who has yet to emerge, analysis of the candidates from an objective left perspective, etc.

If you have perspectives about the NDP leadership race specifically that you would like to share in blog/article/editorial form please contact us via

Do you have a left point-of-view or opinion, event or petition, a recipe or a story you want to share?

Send them to The Left Chapter via!

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