Friday, July 14, 2017

Ali's West Indian Roti Shop w. Fiery House Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Goat Dinner w. Rice and Peas $11.95
Ali’s West Indian Roti Shop is a terrific spot to go for some classic Caribbean fare in the heart of Parkdale. We have visited Ali's before but not at their "year round" location but in our look at places worth visiting to get food at the annual Canadian National Exhibition where they have a booth in the food pavilion. 

As at the Ex their Goat Dinner with Rice and Peas (pictured above) and their Doubles (an inexpensive and delicious street food style snack of curried chick peas in a West Indian flat bread "wrap") are stand-outs. Both their curried and jerk chicken will satisfy fans of either.

Part of the Ali's menu

At the regular location, of course, their full menu is available and it is full of delights. Ali's makes excellent, hefty rotis with a wide array of possible ingredients. The Paratha Goat Roti is terrific and stuffed full of their perfectly cooked, moist curried goat accompanied by curried potatoes. I am also rather fond of the shrimp roti made with big, juicy shrimp in a bright and flavourful gravy.

Rotis range from $7.95 to $11.95

Vegetarians can essentially assemble their own roti by adding ingredients for $1.50 each to a base one. Combinations can include items like pumpkin, chana, spinach and potato.

One of the best parts of a visit to Ali's is their homemade hot sauces. The scotch bonnet hot sauce has that wonderful depth of flavour that West Indian sauces do and it is truly, truly fiery. You can ask for it on your dish, which I always do, or on the side. Extra portions of it can be had for 25 cents. You can also buy jars of the sauce to enjoy at home and you really should! Definitely more kick and complexity than any of the commercial sauces generally available at standard grocery stores. The bottles are $7 for a small one and $10 for large.

Take home a jar of the firery house hot sauce!

Ali's has a reasonably sized dining room and service is at the counter and normally quite quick. It is not licensed.

Ali's West Indian Roti is located at 1446 Queen Street W. (416) 532-7701. It on the 501 streetcar line. It is open 11 am - 10 pm seven days a week. You can visit their website for more information. 

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