Saturday, July 8, 2017

Omar Khadr is 'innocent' even if he is 'guilty'

After enduring an horrific ordeal of torture despite being a child soldier, abandonment by his own government, and being used as a political pawn by the hypocritical sick sadists who make themselves out to be Canada's conservative movement Omar Kahdr is getting a justly deserved apology and settlement.

Of course the simpleminded twit who heads the Conservative Party and all his fellow travelers are crying impotent yelps of outrage over the courts and the present government acting in accordance with the constitution and the rule of law.

Despite their bullshit the right does not care at all about either of those things except when applied to whatever special snowflake nonsense they are all in a knot about.

But, it has to be said, we are seeing now an almost endless stream of articles about Khadr that are meant to defend him and to come from a good place but that sometimes actually miss the broader point that absolutely everything about the narrative around Khadr is simply false even if he did kill the alleged medic.

These well meaning articles point out he was tortured, that he was a child soldier (a point to which I will return), that his treatment was illegal and that he may not have even committed the "crime".

The irony is, whether right or left. almost all these articles fail to point out that he was a combatant resisting what he saw as an invading army (which it by definition was) and that he had every right to fight back and to kill American or allied soldiers including any "support staff" who may have been there for the admitted firefight that was started by the Americans .

As to the notion of being "treasonous" surely we can see why citizenship would have been irrelevant as you defended yourself against a far more powerful enemy trying to kill you and everyone you know when you were fifteen..

Are we to seriously think that people in a country that was being invaded, bombed and occupied have no right to defend themselves? That a soldier of any age in a compound being attacked does not have a right to throw a grenade or fire a gun to fight back? Even under imperialist international law they do.

But not anymore according to the United States and their Canadian lapdogs. Nor will they ever acknowledge that for every American "innocent" killed hundreds of thousands of innocents have been killed by Americans with no attempts at "justice" at all.


The entire paradigm is wrong where ever since 9-11 the US has been allowed to redefine combatants in countries they are invading as "terrorists" for resisting so as to evade international law.

No matter who threw that grenade it is a pretty sick and convenient narrative that says countries like the US and Canada can kill with impunity on foreign soil but that anyone who stands against this is a "terrorist" and should not be treated as a POW.

Which is precisely what we as Canadians do as we continue to accept the notion that Khadr was a criminal for resisting occupation. He may have been wrong in the minds of some but he was no criminal. The only criminals were the Americans who tortured and railroaded a child.

It is amazing how deeply we have all bought into imperialist lies.


  1. Perfect. Well said. Hfx where I live is an armed forces town and friday's demonstration by 15 Can. army veterans show how their powerful masters fit hand in glove with the US narrative.

  2. Excellent article, good start. Couple points: 1) Why do we need to "defend" or support a $10.5M private settlement? That's a trap. It simply confuses the issue for many people whose heart is in the right place and who are open to hearing progressive arguments. It sounds like an obscene amount of money to ordinary folk. And that's precisely why it's being shoved in everyone's face by the media and Conservatives. 2) "The only criminals were the Americans..." Yes, but no. Our first responsibility is to identify and hold to account the Canadians who led us into the Afghan invasion, who were responsible for the deaths of so many Afghans (and Canadian soldiers), and who rendered detainees to the unlawfully-installed Afghan "security" forces for torture. That real scandal, which led to the first contempt of Parliament finding against a sitting government in ages, remains uninvestigated and unresolved.