Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Palanga -- A 1970s Trip to a Soviet Baltic Resort Part II

This is the second of two parts looking at the USSR Baltic resort town of Palanga. While the first part showed more of the nature, beaches and parkland, the second part has photos of the extensive facilities, hotels, cafes, airports, etc. built after the war.

I am particularly fond of the impressively modernist Vasara Restaurant design, indicative of an era of experimental Soviet architecture.

Palanga on the Baltic Sea in Lithuania is famous for its beaches, botanical park, museums and natural setting.

During the Soviet era, which is when this book is from, the town and its attractions were developed greatly and it was a popular destination for vacationing Soviet workers. Trips to the resort, its medical facilities and its spas and hotels were often heavily subsidized by the state or even free for members of Soviet trade unions.

Much of the resort was built after the Second World War on lands expropriated from a Lithuanian Count.

This book, published in 1978, gives a brief overview of what made the town so attractive as well as a little of its history. It was both a keepsake and meant to attract tourists. This is the second of two parts looking at it and its photos.

For part one click here.

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