Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Ideals Junior Chef Cookbook w. Tuna Sports Cars, Texas Dean, a Football Party & more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: The Ideals Junior Chef Cookbook, Sophie Kay

Publication Details: Ideals Publishing, 1977

We have looked at an Ideals Publishing cookbook before when we featured The Farmhouse Cookbook w. Raised Doughnuts, Puzzle Cake, Beef Stroganoff & more a few months ago.

This one is from a sub-genre of cookbook aimed at "young chefs". Featuring fun and relatively easy dishes these are generally meant for kids and young adults, though their recipes are often good for beginner home cooks or just for those seeking the quirky or fanciful. Other examples we have looked at are Pooh's Fireside Recipes: Comfort food for kids of all ages with Potato Pancakes & Honey Cake and Mary Poppins in the Kitchen w. Dundee Cake, Welsh Rarebit, Yorkshire Pudding & more!

The Junior Chef Cookbook is loads of fun with silly, often very tasty, sometimes rather dated, recipes from the 70s. Their ingredients and techniques do reflect the era, but there is lots of classic fare, or takes on classic fare.

There is also a heavy emphasis on the playful and desserts.

Here we share a number of the recipes that reflect the overall tone. We have also, given that the Super Bowl is coming up, included the full section aimed at creating a "Football Party". I am sure the Bologna Cups will be a big hit this Sunday.

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