Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cooking is a Game You Can Eat w. Toad in the Hole, Bubble and Squeak, Gratie Taties & more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Cooking is a Game You Can Eat, Fay Maschler

Publication Details: Kestrel Books, 1975

The cookbook we are looking at today is a really cute British one, released in the 70s, that tries not to simply teach basic cooking techniques to kids but to make cooking seem fun -- which it is by the way!

We have looked at cookbooks of a similar type before in posts like The Ideals Junior Chef Cookbook w. Tuna Sports Cars, Texas Dean, a Football Party & more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT or Mary Poppins in the Kitchen w. Dundee Cake, Welsh Rarebit, Yorkshire Pudding & more! -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Being from the UK this one has lots of British classics like Yorkshire Pudding and Bubble and Squeak. It also has truly charming illustrations by Malcolm Bird. 

(Click on scans to enlarge)

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