Monday, March 19, 2018

Cooking Cards of the Soviet Ukraine (Part II) w. Polyadvitsa, Cabbage Soup, Bortsch with Pampushkas and more

Back in 2015 we took a look at a Ukrainian cookbook from the Soviet era in Ukrainian Cookery Recipes w. Borscht, Vareniki, Cabbage Rolls & more -- Vintage Cookbook. That post also prompted me to make a modified version of one the recipes Ukrainian "Scalloped Beef" Revisited.

Today we are looking at a set of Ukrainian cooking cards from the Soviet era. We have looked at cooking cards before in posts like 1968's Japanese Cooking Cookery Cards with Sushi, Tempura, & more and Robert Carrier's Cookery Cards w. Vitello Tonnato, Saltimbocca all'Alfredo & more . This format for recipes was especially popular in the 1960s and 1970s in both the West and the USSR. In fact, Soviet cooking card sets are quite common and they featured recipes of all different types and from the union's many nationalities.

Less common, though, are Soviet cooking cards with text in English. Generally they were in Russian or one (or more) of the many other languages of the USSR. This set, however, is a rare exception to that.

Published in 1980 this set had 33 cards with Ukrainian recipes of which I have 31. On the front of each card is a photo of the dish and the photos definitely have the feel of that era of food photography. On the back is the recipe. The first part looked at 16 of the cards.

This second part looks at the final 15 and includes two desserts, Ukrainian Pancakes with Jam and Tart a la Kiev.

The recipes here are interesting both culturally and stylistically. They are generally rather light on details such as cooking times. But if you have an understanding of cooking that is not too great a hurdle.

There are some dishes I certainly want to do takes on in the future as well as some classics of a very vibrant and varied cuisine.

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