Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trudeau and Syria, Toronto 1910, 'Secularism' & more -- April and May on The Left Chapter in review

April and May saw 61 posts published on The Left Chapter (!). During this period we launched our Vintage Leftist Leaflet Project as well as pages dedicated to posts related to Vintage Photography and Parks.

The Toronto writer A.M. returned to The Left Chapter with an insightful piece of analysis James Comey and the limits of liberalism as well as the powerful Institutionalized: EQAO, TOEFL and the Neoliberal Classroom. Robert McCarthy contributed another guest editorial Trudeau's Refusal to Stand Up to Trump A Disgrace. We also featured Josh Kolic's piece on a truly remarkable and inspiring sports story Basketball Against Fascism -- The Rise of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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Without any further ado the top six posts from the two months, in terms of hits, are:

1) Justin Trudeau's dangerous Syrian Trump gambit

What a difference a night and an imperial missile strike makes. Especially to those who jockey for position within the shadow of an empire.

Read More!.

2) Toronto Working Class and Immigrant Life 1910 - A Photographic Exposition

This is a remarkable portfolio of photographs taken of Toronto in 1910 that was put out in the 1960s.

Unlike many photographic looks at the city's past, this one is not nostalgic or glamorous in anyway, but is rather a portrait of working class and immigrant life in the city.

A string of profoundly disturbing incidents of Islamophobic bigotry centred around high school students who are allowed a space to pray in to accommodate their religious beliefs have occurred lately in Ontario.

If you are old enough you may perhaps still dimly remember a post-war time when, even in the capitalist countries, it was a standard political assumption across much of the political spectrum that society was progressing and that the evils of hunger, inequality and injustice could and would be ended (at least to some degree) one day by the actions of governments.

By now most people have heard at least vaguely about the fact that Liberal Foreign Affairs minister Chrystia Freeland had a grandfather, Mykhail Chomiak (sometimes also spelled Khomyak) who was a Ukrainian nationalist collaborator with the Nazis in Poland during the Second World War. He was the editor of a newspaper,  Krakivski Visti, that was not simply pro-Nazi, but published an array of viciously antisemitic articles (more on this point shortly).  

If you are among the growing number of people who are rightly outraged by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy on environmental issues then you should be equally outraged by the actions and stances of his newfound, close ally on these issues, Alberta's NDP Premier Rachel Notley.

The top food related post for the period was Indian Style Ground Lamb Flatbread Wraps.

Over the coming weeks The Left Chapter is interested in getting different perspectives on the NDP leadership race including from those both inside and outside of the party, from partisans of various candidates (perhaps explaining why), from critics of the race or those who think supporting any of them is perhaps a mistake, from those who would like to see a candidate who has yet to emerge, analysis of the candidates from an objective left perspective, etc.

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