Monday, November 21, 2016

Butter Chicken Roti -- Fiery Spicy & Delicious Indian Rotis on Queen W.

Lamb Vindaloo Roti...$11.95
Butter Chicken Roti on Queen St. W. in Toronto delivers absolutely delicious, and some of Toronto's most fiery, Indian-style rotis.

As any regular reader of this blog knows I am a very big fan of Indian food, rotis and spicy food generally. The three combined is pretty much my idea of heaven.

But if you love and regularly eat spicy food you quickly become aware that the version of spicy that most places offer up is often not all that spicy! I cannot tell you how many times I have ordered up "suicide" wings at a bar and been very disappointed in the lackluster heat or flavour. When going to restaurants that do serve spicy fare I like to make sure there is some extra hot sauce on the side or I ask the waiter to get the kitchen to crank it up a notch.

When I go to West Indian or Indian take out joints I actually do carry my own bottle of hot sauce in my pocket or bag along with me to make sure I can amp it up to my liking when I get to where I am going to eat.

But at Butter Chicken Roti there is, I can assure you, absolutely no need. The rotis are truly as you order them. If you order 'Hot' the spice is very intense and would be a challenge for most diners. The 'Medium' is as hot or hotter than the roti you would get if you ordered it 'spicy' at most other places.

When it comes to heat Butter Chicken Roti is the real deal. In fact, if you order a Medium/Hot or Hot they ask you up front if you have eaten there before and warn you if you have not!

I have tried both heat levels and either will certainly wake you up. There is also an "Extra Hot" option, but frankly I have a hard time understanding who would order it!

Most palates will find that the Mild/Medium or Medium are a good heat level.

Importantly though, the heat is not just for the sake of heat. The food at Butter Chicken Roti is excellent and very flavourful. The levels of spice deliver different flavour profiles that enhance the food, they do not simply raise the heat.

Butter Chicken Roti offers a wide variety of chicken, lamb, shrimp and vegetarian/vegan roti options. If you are not in the mood for a roti you can have the same dishes served on a bed of rice (this can also help offset the heat!).
Chicken Curry Roti...$10.95

The roti bread itself is terrific and very well made. While Butter Chicken is their signature dish -- and it is very good -- everything I have had on the menu is worth trying. The basic curry option is rich and tasty and comes with potato. The Jalfrezi adds cauliflower and green peas. The Vindaloo is notably different from many other vindaloo sauces as it has the tang you expect but also a taste of citrus that is complex and refreshing.

You really can't go wrong and the food is very affordable with the rotis ranging from $7.95 to $14.95. Portion sizes are generous. A roti here is a full meal.

But take my word on the heat levels! I would recommend that even serious spicy food eaters try the Medium/Hot before ordering a dish Hot. I know many of you will ignore this warning (I went straight for the Hot on my first visit) so get ready for it. Because Butter Chicken Roti delivers real kick!

Butter Chicken Roti is located at 1076 Queen St. W a couple of blocks west of Ossington. It is open 7 days a week until 10 p.m. There is a reasonable amount of casual seating available. It is not licensed. (647) 350 7684.

Visit their website with their full menu: 

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