Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NDP 'survey' hits new levels of farce in the party's unfolding tragedy

For some reason -- likely due to a combination of its unintentional humour and truly sad and pathetic questions -- it is impossible not to share the latest attempt by the clowns at the NDP's federal HQ to pretend to actually give a shit about what the members of the party think.

This comes in the form of a "survey" that, if you are on their email list (I am on all of the major party email lists) the federal NDP has been pushing you to fill out and "weigh in and help guide the work of our movement over the coming months and years". (According to an email I got this morning from Robert Fox)

That is a pretty big deal! This must be one hell of a survey.

Almost existential I would assume. These must be questions of a profound nature.

Later I got a follow-up email (by later I mean about 5 hours) that said "Help shape where our movement goes next".

"This is your opportunity to shape the future of our movement".


So how can you, a New Democrat, do that?

Ok. Really? But maybe this is just a slow start. Not sure why they are limiting anyone to three choices here either. I would imagine many would include all of these choices, and that the NDP braintrust can't learn much of anything no matter how you respond (learn what about what exactly?).

I mean are they going to discard any of the "values" based on your answer? Or not fight against all of the awful things on the second question? 

What possible point could these questions have? 

I am sure the next questions are more trenchant. 

"Our movement" has made "huge strides" has it? In what? Irrelevance under a leader the party membership does not even want anymore? 

But again, why three of these causes? What could be learned by the NDP about the supposed direction the party should take from any of these answers? 

Are there any things the NDP intends to stop working towards based on this? Every answer is a fundamentally important one. 

Is this all just a show to perhaps seek meaningless "input"?

Why do you love the NDP? 

How do you help it?

I can see the impact answers will have here!

The next question must be something that binds it all together. Right? 


And then...

Jeez...I kinda feel bad that I am doing it for "My kids" and not "my parents" or "my community" or "all Canadians who've been left behind".

Why only one?

That is the last question?

I thought that was supposed to "help shape where our movement goes next".

We were supposed to "weigh in and help guide the work of our movement over the coming months and years".

But, of course, this is a joke.

These are not questions that actually seek input, they are "questions" that are designed to simply get committed New Democrats to say why they became/were/are committed New Democrats and then hopefully by doing so feel better about what the party has become and about their commitment to it.

That might be clever, were it not cynical and typical.

But hey...nothing beats pretending to want feedback does it?

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