Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another day...another ludicrous Conservative survey! you want a prosperous Canada...or a bankrupt one?
Today I received yet another ludicrous Conservative re-election flyer disguised as a "survey" from my MP, Bernard Trottier, a fellow whose greatest accomplishment these last four years sitting in the benches of the government has been maintaining a fairly nice coif that could almost compete with Trudeau's.

(I say almost...we all know no one in parliament...nay the entire country, can compete with Justin's hair.)

These surveys are humorously facile. Today's wanted to know if, you know, you thought the government should try to balance the budget or if you would rather say fuck that to Canada's "long-term prosperity"!

I wonder if you would get a card asking you to think about all those future Canadians yet to come if you actually returned it saying "No - It is not important to balance the Budget". I really love that the "no" response does not include "right now" or "next year" thereby implying by ticking it you are lending an open-ended endorsement to the notion that the government should never, ever, try to balance its books!

Just to make sure he gets the point across, Trottier asks again if he is "on the right track" in supporting balanced budgets. not really, but that is another discussion. Major propaganda props, Bernard, on the black-and-white framing though.

Are you one of these fine citizens...or a lazy fuck? 
The weirdest question, however, is saved for last -- the "Would you describe yourself as a..." question that gives four actually rather specific options, and then one ridiculously broad one.

So if you are not a "stay-at-home parent" or "parent of a child under 18" (all of the first would also be the latter!), are not a senior or did not serve in uniform for your country like a real patriot would have, are you at least a "Working Canadian" as opposed to, say, a lazy-shifty-good-for-nothing free-loading-fuck?

Keep 'em coming folks! These surveys are the funniest junk mail out there.

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