Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Key Lime Cookbook feat. Green Mango Key Lime Pie & more - Vintage Cookbook Throwback Thursday

Vintage Cookbook: The Key Lime Cookbook by Joyce LaFray Young

Publication Details: Winner Enterprises Publishing, 1986

The Key Lime Cookbook is a terrific little set of recipes featuring the marvellous flavour of the Key Lime.

It has sections for appetizers, beverages, mains, salads, desserts and more. It also, of course, has an entire section devoted to variations of Key Lime Pie! Most of those featured are quite traditional so we have chosen to highlight one that is not, a Green Mango Key Lime Pie.

In addition we are sharing terrific recipes for Seviche, Key Lime Baked Fish and a hot sauce, "Old Sour".

As the cookbook notes, if you have to, you can substitute one commercial lime for every three Key Limes. But please don't!

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