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Jagmeet Singh, Bill 62, Catherine McKenna & More -- October and November on The Left Chapter in review

October and November saw 54 posts on The Left Chapter of various kinds. We looked at topics like Soviet art portfolios, vintage Toronto postcards, Rachel Notley's tar sands campaign, Bread and Garlic Soup, and the "Truth About Wage Concessions".

Our top post for the period was, again, one of the most widely read and shared in The Left Chapter history.

Thanks very much to all our readers and contributors.

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Without any further ado, here are the top six posts, in terms of hits, from October and November.

1) Singh's victory was a direct repudiation of the left by the NDP -- It is pointless to pretend otherwise

In the two weeks since Jagmeet Singh was elected leader of the federal NDP in a first ballot landslide where nearly half of party members did not even bother to vote at all, the dust has settled to reveal a party that neither wanted nor embraced any serious change of course or path of introspection after the catastrophe of 2015.

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2) Polling Success or Electoral Flop? Religious Neutrality Laws

by Ammario Reza

It may not necessarily 'mean' anything. It may not even be necessarily indicative of what we can expect to see in the future in electoral politics. It is, however, interesting to note that so far, whether one buys them as a genuine attempt at laicite/secularism or whether one sees them as a cynical display of pandering to xenophobia and people's basest instincts, provincial legislative attempts at "religious neutrality" have been electoral flops in Quebec. And this despite enjoying seemingly consistent popular support in opinion polling.

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3) The sexist insults about Catherine McKenna are not acceptable because sexism is not acceptable

Like all women in politics Canada's Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has faced a variety of sexist insults, the most well-known of which originated from the far-right rag The Rebel when they described her as a "climate Barbie".

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4) If there is no left, there is no left -- A short note on the politics of appeasement and socialist ideology

Socialists need to reject this politics of defeat and preserve the socialist vision as one of working class and human emancipation from capitalism. Socialists should always know which side of the class struggle they are on and would do well to build parties and movements that reflect this and will govern accordingly.

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5) Andrew Scheer and the CPC release brilliant self-parody video

Let no one ever claim that right wing fanatics like Scheer and the collection of idiots around him lack a sense of humour.

By Marko Velimir Kobak 

The Great October Socialist Revolution marked the first successful socialist revolution in world history. On November 7, 2017, we marked the 100th anniversary of this revolution which profoundly changed the world.  It marks the first time, under the leadership of the great Vladmir Lenin, that the workers, peasants, and oppressed peoples the world over, would be given more power than the rich. To this day, it remains influential in the minds of many wishing for a better world. There are, however, its detractors -- obviously from bourgeois historians who lament the overthrow of Tsarist Russia, while even a few may grudgingly admit that the Bolsheviks were the only group capable of leading Russia out of the turmoil of 1917. But more appalling are those on the left who see this Revolution, much like the Great French Revolution before it, as an authoritarian nightmare collapsing into the tyranny of the masses. This is meant to address those on the left who ask, “What is the point of debating about and studying the history of the USSR?”

(You can also read Michael Laxer's take on the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, In the shadow of October -- Reflecting on the USSR and Soviet power

The top food related post was: Moldavian Barbecued Chicken

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