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Doug Ford, John Horgan, the Queen, Venezuela & more -- December and January on The Left Chapter in review

December and January saw 67 posts of various kinds on The Left Chapter.

These included our ever popular annual countdown of The 20 Best Songs of 2018 ft. Janelle Monáe, John Prine, Childish Gambino, Leon Bridges & more!, our widely shared photography post Soviet Ulan-Ude 1973 -- 15 Vintage Images w. the World's Largest Lenin Bust, our look at The Leader -- Chinese Karl Marx Anime Bio Trailer, an overview of the work of Yuri Raksha, Soviet Artist b. December 2, 1937 w. 12 Prints, the reality of how the imperialist present echoes the imperialist past of In Venezuela as in Chile, what is past is prologue and our report on Hundreds March and Rally in Toronto in Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en: Photos from the Day.

Thanks very much to all our readers and contributors.

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Without any further ado, here are the top six posts, in terms of hits, from December and January.

1) Doug Ford's bully boy antics may yet derail his vicious administration

It speaks volumes when the historic organ of Canada's business class, The Globe and Mail, deigns to pronounce on the instability wrought by a newly elected right wing government that should be the stuff of Conservative wet dreams.

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2) The Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic 1987: Photos, Culture, Economy, History & more -- Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union Series

The book begins with a really interesting and relatively in-depth look at the geography and history of Azerbaijan going back thousands of years. We learn how Baku rose to become a major early oil center and as a result developed a more modern working class. Almost half of the world's oil production came from the area early in the 20th Century and due to this the city experienced a boom that drew over 60,000 workers of 30 nationalities.

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3) For Horgan "peaceful resolution" apparently flows from the barrel of a gun

After setting up an exclusion zone so that media and supporters could not see what was going on, RCMP officers in British Columbia armed with assault and sniper rifles invaded Wet'suwet'en territory and arrested 14 peaceful community members who were guarding their lands at a checkpoint on Monday night.

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4) The true seasonal message is that the monarchy has got to go

By Nathaniel Laxer

Christmas came and went, an 8 year old migrant child died in American custody on Christmas Eve and humanity still only has 12 years to limit severe irreversible climate change. But look on the bright side -- the Queen granted us her annual Christmas message! A statement that was broadcast live over CBC radio into my home, and the homes, cars and public places of millions of other people across Canada and across the Commonwealth.

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5) Which of these countries is not like the other? -- A Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland Imperialism Quiz!

Only one of these three countries has tried to chart a path free from the dominance of global capital and American economic and foreign policy. Only one of these countries has sought to socialize and nationalize essential pillars of the economy. Only one of these three countries has attempted to build a more equal, fair and just, socialistic economy.

Can you guess which? 

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6) It is time to call a technical foul on Raptors General Manager Masai Ujiri's ties to Paul Kagame

By Yves Engler 

It is time to call a technical foul on Toronto Raptors General Manager Masai Ujiri for his ties to one of the world’s most ruthless dictators. Through his Giants of Africa charity Ujiri has bestowed legitimacy on Paul Kagame even as local newspapers document the Rwandan president’s violence.

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Our top food related post was: Woodfire Sandwich Co. w. the Exceptional Nashville Hot & Hero Sandwiches in Long Branch

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