Monday, February 18, 2019

Spectacular Winter Lake Views and the Skating Trail at Sam Smith Park in Winter -- The Lakeside Parks of South Etobicoke VI

Looking out at Lake Ontario from the park trail at the bottom of 23rd
We have visited the magnificent South Etobicoke waterfront Colonel Samuel Smith Park  before on The Left Chapter in posts like A Trip to Whimbrel Point -- One of Toronto's Best (and Least Known) Lake Ontario Nature Gems and The New Outlook @ Sam Smith Park -- The Lakeside Parks of South Etobicoke I. 

Today we went back to see the skating trail on a nearly picture perfect Family Day early afternoon.

The public outdoor skating trail has been open for several years now and is an enormously popular and successful park attraction. It is completely free. There is a public indoor room to put on your skates in a spectacular looking former power plant that is open daily (with shorter hours on holidays) during the season from 9 am to 930 pm though the trail can be used 24 hours a day. There is a covered wood outdoor fireplace feature which is used on weekends or holidays.

The trail is right beside many of the park's exceptional paths and spectacular views of Lake Ontario. These can be especially impressive in the winter's cold, clear air.

There is also a hill very popular for tobogganing just to the west of the trail off of 23rd St.

Be sure to visit for the first time or again before it closes for the season sometime next month.

(Click on images to enlarge. All photography by Michael Laxer.)

North of the Skating Trail with Views of Humber College

The Skating Trail w. Fire Pit & Power Plant Skate Room


The path just south of the skate trail runs west along the lake to 23rd St.
It offers some of the most spectacular Lake Ontario views in the city.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park is located south of Lake Shore Blvd. W. in the area of Kipling Ave. The park is on the 501 Queen streetcar line. The skate trail lies at the very end of the 44 Kipling South bus line.

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