Wednesday, February 20, 2019

International Day of Action in Solidarity with Venezuela, Saturday, February 23

On Saturday, February 23 dozens of rallies, protests and actions are being planned around the world in solidarity with the people of Venezuela to mark the one month anniversary of the start of the ongoing imperialist attempt at a coup in the country.

Despite pressure and threats of violence from the Trump Administration and its right-hand partner in the Trudeau government in Canada -- as well as a variety of lackey governments in the Americas and Europe -- so far the people of Venezuela have stood up to the blockade and the undemocratic attempt to install American stooge puppet Juan Guaido.

The impressive list of solidarity actions ranges from Albany, New York to Winnipeg, Manitoba alphabetically and are occurring in North and South America, Europe, India, Australia and elsewhere.

The full list can be found on the No War on Venezuela website.

According to the page the following actions are being planned in Canada (with links to event pages where available):

Courtenay, BC

No war on Venezuela!
Saturday, February 23 | 1pm
Courtenay Public Library | 300 6th Street
Organized by Comox Valley Peace Group | 250-338-4067

Vancouver, BC

No Sanctions! Hands off Venezuela! No military intervention!
Saturday, February 23 | 12pm
Gather in front of the CBC at Georgia and Hamilton Streets
Rally organized by the Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver


No War on Venezuela! – International Day of Action
Vancouver, Canada Rally & Petition Campaign

No Coup in Venezuela!
U.S./Canada Hands Off Venezuela!
No more U.S./Canada Sanctions & Threats!

Saturday February 23 | 2pm
Vancouver Art Gallery
Robson St. at Howe St.
Downtown Vancouver

Organized by: Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice (FTT) – Venezuela Solidarity Campaign
Endorsed by: Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO), Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC), Iranian Community Against War

Calgary, Alberta

No War on Venezuela from Calgary
Saturday, February 23 | 12pm
615 MacLead Trl SE

Regina, Saskatchewan

No War on Venezuela!
Saturday, February 23 | 2pm
City Hall, Peace Fountain

Winnipeg, Canada

Solidarity with Venezuela
Saturday, February 23 | 1pm
Gerald James Lynch Park | south side Osborne Street Bridge by Osborne & Roslyn
Organized by: Venezuela Peace Committee

London, Ontario

No war on Venezuela!
Saturday, February 23 | 12pm
NW corner of Victoria Park
Co-hosted by Communist Party of Canada – Forest City Club; People for Peace, London, Ontario; and London Common Front

Toronto, Ontario

No War On Venezuela! Hands Off Venezuela!
Saturday, February 23 | 11am
Rally Outside CBC Office – 250 Front Street West | March to Bay Street/ Financial District

The participants and endorsing organizations of the February 23rd “No War On Venezuela” rally in Toronto demand that the federal government immediately recognize the democratically elected president of Venezuela, lift the sanctions, and stop laying the groundwork for military intervention. CBC: stop the lies! Bay street: not your gold, not your oil, hands off Venezuelan soil!

Respect Venezuelan sovereignty and self-determination! Hands off Venezuela!

Ottawa, Ontario

No war on Venezuela!
Saturday, February 23 | 12pm
Gather at the Prime Minister’s office for a march to the U.S. Embassy!

Montreal, Quebec

Non à l’intervention Trump – Trudeau
Saturday, February 23 | 2pm
Carré Philipps | Montréal, Québec

Halifax, Nova Scotia

No war on Venezuela!
Saturday, February 23 | 1pm
Peace and Freedom Park (formerly Cornwallis Park) | Hollis St
Organized by Alliance for Venezuela Halifax and is co-sponsored by the Halifax Peace Council

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