Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The total fiasco of the Parkdale NDP nomination meeting deepens -- Update

Photo via Brandy Baker / Facebook
by Myles Hoenig

In the aftermath of the disgraceful fiasco that was the Parkdale NDP's nomination meeting that I related previously in my post: What happened at the Parkdale NDP's nomination meeting?  new information is coming to light.

One of the ways that was used to try to deny the vote to the racialized and marginalized supporters that Saron Gebresellassi had signed up was to claim that they could not be allowed to vote if someone had paid the membership fee of $5, even as a loan or family matter. One of the things we were told was that this would violate the rules of Elections Canada.

I spoke to Elections Canada and they say it's up to the party to decide membership fees. So an adjudication judge lied to us when they said they were 'quoting' them without showing federal election law about borrowing money to pay for membership.

I then called NDP headquarters in Ontario (Toronto)  and pretended I wanted to be a new member. I did say I was in the Parkdale-High Park riding and that I knew I missed a nomination meeting but am considering applying for membership for the general election in October.

I told him I was on a very fixed income and asked if my wife or a friend could give me the money to pay the minimum. He said he was uncomfortable answering this question, but did say that if I am paying it back all would be good. I asked if I would be challenged, asked where the money came from and he went back to the line of we would expect the money would be coming from you, (implying if you pay it back than no problem).

I thanked him and then asked, "What is your name, please?"   Silence, sound of a click perhaps, he came back and  he said, "hello? hello? hello?".

I said, What is your name please? and he repeated "hello?"

I then said, "I know you can hear me. Don't play any games with me. What is your name please?"

And he hung up.

Myles Hoenig is a veteran high school teacher of Prince George’s County, Maryland. He has been an activist for political and social change since the very early 70’s. Myles lives in Toronto.

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