Thursday, June 27, 2019

The optics of the Parkdale NDP's federal nomination meeting are not good

Something clearly went very wrong at the Parkdale NDP's federal nomination meeting on Sunday the optics of which are not good at all. While it seems that an overwhelmingly white room of NDP members easily breezed through the registration process to get to vote, members and supporters of one candidate, Saron Gebresellassi -- many of whom were from racialized communities -- appeared to encounter serious obstacles from those in charge of the meeting. 

Toronto activist Myles Hoenig has already looked at this on The Left Chapter in the posts What happened at the Parkdale NDP's nomination meeting? and The total fiasco of the Parkdale NDP nomination meeting deepens -- Update.

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words though and here are tweets and photos about the night and how it unfolded that certainly seem to speak for themselves.



  1. Good discussion/comments at NDP Grassroots: