Saturday, June 1, 2019

Mock Guillotines, NDP Hypocrisy, Scheer Insanity & more -- April and May on The Left Chapter in review

April and May saw 72 posts of various kinds on The Left Chapter.

These included new installments in our always popular vintage photography posts like 30 Photographs and Streetscapes of Paris, 1973 and Warsaw 1972 - Vintage Streetscapes and Other Photos. We continued an annual tradition with our post High Park cherry blossoms are in bloom -- The Left Chapter makes a photographic visit. One notably popular historical post was A look at the Soviet space program on the anniversary of Gagarin's flight.

A number of posts, including some in the top six, looked at the ongoing austerity attacks by the Ford government in Ontario. These included UFCW calls for sober second thought on beer in Ontario's corner storesSilver spoon rich boy Ford clueless as always and "We won't allow our future to become a budget cut" - Photos from the student walkout strike in Toronto which featured the exceptional photography of Randy Mena Leon. 

Our meme American Justice was shared hundreds of times:

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Without any further ado, here are the top six posts, in terms of hits, from April and May.

On May 1, International Workers' Day, a few hundred people braved the terrible weather to protest the vicious austerity cuts of the Doug Ford government on the grounds of Queen's Park in Toronto.

As the American imperialist coup attempt has unfolded in Venezuela there have been some who have sought to pretend that Canada's faux left "social democratic" party was actually opposed to this as it should be.

While Liberal and "social democratic" politicians have engaged in a profoundly hypocritical and dangerous game of paying lip service to the facts of the climate emergency the world faces while in practice doing little about it, today Conservative leader Andrew Scheer released an energy plan that is a demented denial of the situation we are in.

Fresh off of tabling a vicious austerity budget that cut funding to Indigenous Affairs, Legal Aid, healthcare, education and many other programs and portfolios on Thursday, Doug Ford's chief thug Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli must have been thrilled knowing he had a receptive audience at lunch on Friday.  No less than a gathering of capitalists and business "leaders" at the Annual General Meeting of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce. Fedeli was to be the keynote speaker. 

Every once in a while left wingers, socialists and leftists will make the mistake of thinking what passes for social democrat politicians these days somehow share their values in some meaningful sense.

Despite Doug Ford promising repeatedly during the election campaign last year -- and despite the surreal continuing claim that this promise is being kept by Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson -- that no one, teachers or otherwise, would lose their jobs due to government cuts it would seem that this pledge was far from the truth.

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