Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween Fun w. Spooky Sundaes, Witch's Brew and more - Vintage Cookbook #TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Halloween Fun, Judy Owens with illustrations by Kathryn Cole and Terry Brooks

Publication Details: Scholastic, 1971

Halloween Fun is a terrific, illustrated, and, indeed, very fun "how-to" book aimed at kids that was published in 1971. It was, of course, all about organizing the best possible Halloween night party for all your friends.

As such it included sections on decorations, costumes and games, and party foods. The food ideas, needless-to-say, were all Halloween themed and are very cute with names like Spooky Sundaes and Witch's Brew.

What really stands out among all the tips and ideas are the wonderful illustrations by Kathryn Cole and Terry Brooks. When these are combined with ideas like "Giggle Juice" the book is sure to bring a smile to any face.

Here we look at some of the food ideas as well as a few of the illustrations and tips.

Watch out for the ghosts and goblins and have a happy and safe Halloween!

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