Monday, October 2, 2017

Route 501: A Nostalgic View show combines local Etobcioke art and history

Route 501: A Nostalgic View is a show being held at Humber College's South Etobicoke campus that combines art with local history. The pieces on display are all ink and wash paintings by Sheila D'Atri-Karpis.

Her whimsical and lovely collection here are of local landmarks -- existing and vanished -- in the neighbourhoods of Mimico, New Toronto and Long Branch, but what makes the display even more fascinating is that each piece is accompanied by a write-up that details the history and significance of what is pictured.

From Marie Curtis Park to the famous fish and chip restaurant on Fifth Street to the Blue Goose Tavern, so many of the community's favourite spots are here to see and learn about. I learned a great deal about the area and will look at some buildings in a totally new way now that I know their stories.

Here we look at some of the pieces you will find. See the end of the post for details on the location of the show which ends November 4th. 

(Click on images to enlarge)

The show is on the 3rd floor of the Humber College Student Welcome and Resource Centre, 2 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive which is at the southwest corner of Lake Shore Blvd W, and Kipling.

It is, in fact, on the 501 Streetcar line route! (Though they are running buses on the western end of that route right now). 

The show runs until November 4th and is open to the public. While you are visting be sure to check out the spectacular Sam Smith Park that is just to the east and south and that is one of Toronto's waterfront gems. You could even make a trip to the amazing Whimbrel Point. 

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