Thursday, November 8, 2018

Creative Crepe Cookery w. Blue Cheese, Welsh Rarebit, Spinach Cheese Sauce Crepes and more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Creative Crepe Cookery, William Kaufman 

Publication Details: Pyramid Books 1976

Creative Crepe Cookery is a relatively slim volume that focuses exclusively on the often neglected crepe both sweet and savory. 

I have great fondness for crepes and the exceptional range of variations one can explore with them. I have a wonderful memory of eating seafood crepes in a small Mediterranean French town when I was a teenager. They were huge and delicious and along with an inexpensive crepe restaurant I used to frequent in Avignon when I lived there I tried many types of this terrific way of eating that I rarely have encountered since in North America.

This cookbook is divided into several sections and begins with an overview of what crepes are and how they are generally prepared. It then has recipes that range from appetizers to mains to vegetable to dessert crepes.

Here we have shared some recipes from each, though I have included a few seafood ones as seafood crepes are fantastic!

I have also included all of the crepe batter instructions as they are essential to each recipe. Finally I could not resist sharing the Anchovy Egg Sauce just because.

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