Thursday, April 18, 2019

Warsaw 1972 - Vintage Streetscapes and Other Photos

East - West Road
Today we are taking a look at 18 images of some of the streets and sights of Warsaw, Poland in 1972. These vintage photographs were from a postcard folder that was aimed at Russian/Soviet visitors with the text in Russian.

There are a number of streetscape images -- which are our favourite type overall -- that include photos of the city centre, Marszałkowska Street, Krucza Street, Jerusalem Avenue, Constitution Square, overpasses and other spots.

In a number of these photos you can see the Konstal 13N trams. Based on the design of the iconic Czech Tatra tram, the Konstal trams were built in Poland in the 1960s and remained in service until 2012.

There are also photos of a variety of monuments including the famous Monument to the Heroes of Warsaw.

One of the more interesting photos in terms of subject and framing is of a staircase that led from the street to the Gdansk Bridge.

We have translated all of the image descriptions from the original Russian.

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City Center

New Homes on Marszałkowska Street

Monument to the Heroes of Warsaw, 1939-1945

Grand Opera and Ballet

Monument to Brotherhood in Arms

Old Town Market Square

Monument to Soviet Soldiers who Fell for the Liberation of Warsaw

Palace of Culture and Science

Towers of the Old City Walls

Overpass on the Bank

On the Bank of the Vistula

Grave of the Unknown Soldier

Staircase of the Gdansk Bridge

Krucza Street

On Constitution Square

Monument to Frederic Chopin in Lazienki Park

Jerusalem Avenue

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