Thursday, April 4, 2019

Yet again the NDP shows its true colours as lapdogs of American Imperialism. Time for the Canadian Left to notice

As the American imperialist coup attempt has unfolded in Venezuela there have been some who have sought to pretend that Canada's faux left "social democratic" party was actually opposed to this as it should be.

They did this in spite of the fact that the party's own former Foreign Affairs Critic Hélène Laverdière indicated support for the American pretender puppet "president" Juan Guaido.

Now the pretending can officially end with the NDP's new Foreign Affairs Critic, Guy Caron "condemning" the legitimate government of Venezuela stripping the immunity of Guaido who in addition to illegally naming himself the country's "president" and participating in the staged burning of supposed "aid" by his own supporters in February, is almost certainly in cahoots with American attacks on the Venezuelan electrical grid among other crimes.

 The NDP never fails to show its true colours in the end, and it has here again. I would say it was time to take notice but that time was long ago. Now only the willfully blind fail to.

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  1. Singh is good on some domestic policy but on foreign affairs NDP rhetoric is as if it was written by a US hawk.