Saturday, July 6, 2019


Got hit by that Ali style punch
ran over me like a freight train
that i didn't see coming couldn't see coming
ran over me through that whole late season
by the time i had bounced back up you were gone
long and languid nights
pale and discarded friends and lovers
sitting alone after the funeral wondering where was the next bar
maybe five maybe ten drinks can bring back your voice
but only in my mind
and only unexpectedly
i was so very sorry then
always sorry too late
driving overgrown and empty roads past the crumbling industrial palaces where we met
hollow and broken
there were those promises that they made to us
that we made to each other
abandoned park rusting slides
forsaken baseball diamonds i played there once
just before you were asleep in bed
i ran my finger down the side of your face but you were crying
were you dreaming then because i am now
i am dreaming of you
you are sitting across from me not even sure where
all the old gang gathered
every time I try to reach out and touch you you get up

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