Monday, May 7, 2018

High Park cherry blossoms are in bloom -- The Left Chapter makes a photographic visit

Photography by Natalie Lochwin and Michael Laxer

Today we returned to High Park in Toronto for what is a lovely annual spring ritual for many city residents -- going to view the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. This only lasts for a few short days.

Last year's blossoms came a little earlier, but we are fortunate that this year they came when they did avoiding the terrible damage brought by last week's windstorm. There is considerable visible damage from the storm in the park still, but the blossoms were not blown away.

Instead the trees look beautiful, especially in today's perfect weather. The good news is that Toronto is expecting nearly perfect weather again for the next two days while the trees should remain just as spectacular.

So if you are in Toronto, be sure to head out and see them before it is too late.   

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Hungry? Grab a hot dog!

Some trees are still down from the storm.

Hello from the photographers!

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