Saturday, May 26, 2018

Karma's Kitchen food truck makes a welcome appearance in Long Branch

Recently I spotted the food truck of the east end restaurant Karma's Kitchen at the intersection of Kipling and Lake Shore Blvd. W. right by Colonel Sam Smith park.

After trying several of their menu items I am very glad that I did.

Karma's Kitchen specializes in Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian Cuisine. Their permanent address is at 1411 Gerrard St East near Coxwell. You can find their full menu at their website.

The food truck menu, of course, is more limited with 8 options. What is on offer, though, is top notch.

The menu ranges price wise from vegetarian spring rolls at 5 for $4 to skewered seasoned chicken served on a bed of french fries at $8.

You can get Butter Chicken or Curry Chicken on Spring Rice each for $7. The curry chicken was excellent with moist meat, a tasty sauce and generous portions. It is pictured below with some of the homemade hot sauce.

Curry Chicken on Spring Rice: $7
One of Karma's Kitchen's specialties according to the very friendly man who was working the truck window is the Tibetan style of dumpling the Momo.

On the truck you can get 5 dumplings served either deep fried or in a gravy for $7. We tried both. (There is also a third, steamed dumpling option without sauce).

Momos in Gravy: $7

The Momos in Gravy is a straight-up home run with a flavourful chicken filling (there is a vegetarian option) while the gravy is absolutely delicious. It is pictured above with both some of the homemade hot and the homemade sweet sauce.

The deep fried option is great too as are their samosas. The samosas are vegetarian, 5 for $4 and a nice size with a satisfying texture and seasoning.

Samosas 5 for $4  / Deep Fried Momos 5 for $7
Everything goes well with their fiery, homemade hot sauce. Don't forget to try some, it is really good.

The truck's server told me that they plan to be at Kipling and Lake Shore for weekday lunches for possibly a couple more weeks. Whether they are there or move to a new spot, the truck is well worth seeking out.

He also told me that the restaurant has many different versions of momos as you can see online.

I think a trip to the east end to try these out is in order in the near future. I will be sure to report back.

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