Thursday, May 3, 2018

St. John's Folk Choir Treasured Recipes w. Spanish Franks, Cranberry Cake, Molasses Pull Toffee & more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: St. John's Folk Choir Treasured Recipes

Publication Details: Gateway Publishing, 1974

Published to raise money for the St. John the Apostle Anglican Church folk choir in Kingston, Ontario, this cookbook is similar in tone and layout to the last one we looked at on this feature Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital Women's Auxiliary Centennial Cook Book w. Fruit Cake, Captain's Casserole, Crabmeat Souffle & more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT. The choir was made up of teenagers who, of course, performed at the church, but who also performed at festivals and even, apparently, a local penitentiary.

The cookbook was divided into the expected sections from "Salads, Vegetables and Soups" to "Meat, Fish and Poultry" to "Desserts", etc. It also includes a lot of advertising from local businesses including one from a Datsun dealership.

Remember Datsuns?

The recipes are very 70s. "Oscar's Onion Soup" uses cheats but looks pretty tasty. Many of the desserts, cakes and pies use classic techniques and ingredients that would stand up very well. There are mains that look quite good, even some of the very simple ones like the "Oven Barbecued Chicken". 

Others, sometimes on the same pages, look...well...they look like what you would expect recipes with names like "Spanish Franks" and "Hawaiian Supper" to look.

The book also had the expected pages of tips. We have posted a couple here including one about the many uses of vinegar!

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